Doc. Federica Brizi Psychologist

I’ve always had an interest in studying how humans function,  with the intention of helping people reach a state of wellbeing.

I started my career path in Florence, with a bachelor degree in Clincal and Health Psychology and a thesis about the effects of music on Autistic Children.  

Then I moved to Turin, where I gained a master’s degree in Clinical and Community Psychology, with a thesis on Borderline Personality and Child Development.

After a full year working for an association dealing with Child Abuse, I followed a specialization in Forensic Psychology and I learned about Counselling and Relaxation Tecniques in Rome.

I consider that it is really important to help people reach their OWN personal wellbeing and one of my goals is to challenge the prejudices surrounding psychology and to assist the public in reaching a clearer understanding of it’s function

Psychology doesn’t necessarly equate to illness or disease. 

From time to time, we all experience difficulties or blockages in our lives. Psychology is a means to help at these times by assisting people to be aware of their own resources of self empowerment.

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