What I do and my methods

Clinical and Wellbeing areas:

  • Psychological counselling for all ages. My main areas of intervention are: AnxietyPanicStress managementRelationship problemsWork difficulties and School Orientation.
  • Educational Laboratories for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Down Syndrome.
  • Relaxation techniques and Mindfulness

Forensic area

  •  Counselling in cases of divorce and child custody
  • Counselling in cases of abuse and mistreatment 
  • Damage assessment.

Community and Job areas

Tutor for groups of drop-out teenagers.

I believe in the importance of integrate different approches and tools. My methods are based on Client Centered Counselling with CBT  techniques.

I work together with my client to find his / her goals and together we move forward using his / her resources to develop a strategy which achieves results.