Projects and publications

  • Progetto group laboratories to reach independence, about expression and control of affections and sexuality, and self defence, for people with cognitive or phisical  disease.
  • Progetto Tic-Tac: Summer creative groups for children age 8-16 with autistic spectrum or cogntive problems.
  • “I tell you a story, yours”: Narrative group for people over 65, to sustain memory, attention and language.
  • Psicologo presso Comunità Familiare San Michele, Lucca.
  • Psychological Happy Hours: group meetings, with food and drinks, to discuss on different themes.
  • La nascita adottiva tra “spaesamento” e processi di attaccamento“. Pubblication of the article in collaboration with Dott.ssa Ceragioli del Consultorio Familiare di Pisa.
  • Speaker in the presentation of the book “Guardare oltre lo spettro”, dott.ssa Mariana Berardinetti.


Member of the group “Principles into Practice” of the Academy of Applyed Psychology –  Achology – Scotland.

Doc. Federica De Pasquale (Psychologist specializing in etnopsychotherapy).

 Doc. Mariana Berardinetti (Educator and ABA therapist).

Dott. Lotti, Pediatrician

Associazione Lu.Ce Onlus, centro studi sui disturbi del comportamento, Lucca

Associazione AIMA, associazione Alzheimer, Lucca

Formatica Scarl, Agenzia di formazione, Pisa

Ikigai Studio, yoga e pilates, Lucca